Winter 2014

Updating my blog isn’t one of my strong points!! I think the last one was in September last year. So much for having all this spare time when we retired!

We moved into the house in November 2013, although it was not finished. We had carpet upstairs but downstairs still looked a bit like a workshop. By Christmas we had carpet downstairs and we moved the sawbench out so it started to feel like a home!

As at early July 2014, the house is virtually finished, and the 4 containers which make up the garage have been craned in (on our second attempt). I have photos of the crane lifting the garage containers up. The garage was too far for the crane to reach from the original craning site, so we utilised a portable crane which reached down onto the old track by the new bend and lifted the container up and then reversed up the drive to the garage site where the crane performed a 10 point 180 degree turn to enable him to drive onto the garage site and place each container.

We love the house!!! Very warm in the winter with the wee Metro log fire which heats the house and our hot water. The solar hot water system provides practically all of our summer hot water so we are doing our bit to keep electricity usage down. The spa pool is installed and getting plenty of use. We love the Simple Silver system which does away with chlorine and the associated smell.

I’ll add a few photos of the house, plus a few to show the early stages of the garage which will have a garage door fitted on Monday July 7 with the colour steel roof to be fitted in the next couple of weeks.


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